Creative Spectrum

Thinking about creativity and autism, two particular experiences common to autism and neurodiversity stand out: visual learning and special interests. This is World Autism Acceptance Week, following closely on Neurodiversity Celebration Week, an opportunity to explore these themes. Why visual learning? I’ve seen one or two people share how they and many other neurodivergent peopleContinue reading “Creative Spectrum”

Move To The Beat

What comes to mind when you hear the word “dyspraxia”? This is Dyspraxia Awareness Week – 10-16 October – so I thought I would explore dyspraxia in this blog, and see how music, nature and art might help. While dyslexia is now a well-known term, focusing on issues with literacy (spelling, reading and writing), dyspraxiaContinue reading “Move To The Beat”

In Unison

As we adjust to Covid-19 for the long haul, uncertainties has become one of few certainties. And uncertainty over communal music-making at this time throws up questions on music’s impact on wellbeing. Is it the music itself which helps or the opportunities it creates to interact with others? Is hearing or performing music alone equallyContinue reading “In Unison”