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Places Of Hope

How do you feel on entering a cathedral? You might feel awe, wonder, discovery or excitement. It might feel familiar or unfamiliar, welcoming or daunting. Some people going into a cathedral will have faith, some will have little or no faith, others will be wondering or seeking. Thinking how cathedrals might be places of wellbeing,…

Release And Hope

What role does creativity have to play in a health crisis? This is the question posed by this year’s Creativity & Wellbeing Week, running from 15 to 21 May. So timely as creative health and the health crisis have grown in parallel over these last few years. It’s during these years that I’ve started out…

To Crown A King

With Coronation fever well underway, I started thinking about art, music and nature (the three elements that Medley focuses on) and what part they will play in the Coronation of King Charles III. Their importance in the Coronation highlights just how they help us enhance and enrich our lives and living. What role will art…

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