Medley wants to create an open space where you can contribute your thoughts on the role of art, music and nature in physical and mental health and wellbeing. Medley has a Facebook group, and need you to take part and share. Do you have questions on music, art or nature’s possible, likely or actual impacts on health and/or wellbeing? Do you attend events or a group using art, nature or music in these ways? Have you experienced art, music or nature’s impacts in your own life, or do you know others who have? Have music, nature or art helped you in particular situations or at a particular time? Do you have experience of their impact on a specific condition, such as autism, dementia or depression? Do you have ideas for new ways to use nature, art or music? Do you have thoughts on the distinction between regulated therapy and other activities? Have you found your own ways to improve your health or wellbeing through art, music or nature, not in a group but on your own? Do you find live music helps you more than listening alone at home, or do you find painting on your own or planting bulbs in your garden or windowbox more helpful than organised sessions? Would you like to share what it’s like to attend different types of projects and groups, or tell others what it’s like to run sessions? Sharing your thoughts, questions, experiences and ideas will really help others. Medley’s forum is an opportunity to pool different perspectives to strengthen art, nature and music’s impact and build a community.

Here is the link to Medley’s Facebook group

Or you might like to join Medley’s second Facebook group, Think Art – a supportive space to explore how art and craft can help mental health in particular. Just go to the new Think Art group –

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