Free As A Bird

What is Free As A Bird? Free As A Bird is a free online art for wellbeing project on a birds theme, which Medley first ran in February 2021 and is running again for the month of March 2021. In March it is running specifically for people having to shield from Covid-19 or struggling with lockdown.

Free As A Bird by MedleyIsobel

What is Medley? Medley is a new initiative exploring art, nature and music’s impacts on health and wellbeing, set up autumn 2020.

What will the project be like? Each week through the month Medley will send out by email suggestions of art activities, with examples and step-by-step instructions or guidance. There will be a painting, a drawing and a craft activity to try each week. As Medley focuses on nature and music as well, there will also be ideas of songs or pieces of music to listen to, and ways to observe and connect with birds in nature. Medley will also set up a dedicated private Facebook group open only to project participants (separate to Medley’s existing overall Facebook group). This will be an opportunity to share artwork and thoughts with other participants – but if you do not want to join the Facebook group, you can still take part in the project.

Do I need experience of art? No, no experience required. Just experiment and enjoy trying the ideas! People can follow the ideas at any level, so that people with some experience of art and people with none can all take part. The project will be totally informal and flexible – you’ll be free to try as many or as few of the ideas as you want to! And some ideas will be quicker to complete than others to enable people with little spare time to take part. I also hope that there’s a balance of ideas so that people who have an illness or disability might still find some ideas possible to try.

What is the project’s aim? Art and creativity can help people express themselves, feel calmer, use their imagination, connect with others and feel more positive, in many different circumstances. Most of all, I hope that the project will be enjoyable. The focus of running the project in March will be to boost wellbeing in people having to shield from Covid-19 or struggling with lockdown.

Who will run the project? The project will be run by Isobel, who set up Medley. I am self-taught as an artist and enjoy drawing and painting in pencil, pen, watercolour and acrylic. I have volunteered for charities in different roles for 12 years.

When does it start? The March project started on Monday 1 March 2021

Is it free of charge? Yes!

How do I sign up? Please go to Free As A Bird for Lockdown Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

All data will be handled in accordance with GDPR and will not be shared with anyone else.

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