Places Of Hope

How do you feel on entering a cathedral? You might feel awe, wonder, discovery or excitement. It might feel familiar or unfamiliar, welcoming or daunting. Some people going into a cathedral will have faith, some will have little or no faith, others will be wondering or seeking. Thinking how cathedrals might be places of wellbeing,Continue reading “Places Of Hope”

To Crown A King

With Coronation fever well underway, I started thinking about art, music and nature (the three elements that Medley focuses on) and what part they will play in the Coronation of King Charles III. Their importance in the Coronation highlights just how they help us enhance and enrich our lives and living. What role will artContinue reading “To Crown A King”

Dance The Night Away

What first springs to mind when you hear the word “dance”? The excitement of dancing to an irresistible beat? Embarrassing memories of showing yourself up on a dance floor? Or ballet lessons as a child? Or maybe you think more of films like Billy Elliot. Of the chorus line in musicals, or of the StrictlyContinue reading “Dance The Night Away”

Across The Globe

How will you mark World Art Day on 15 April? Perhaps by looking at a familiar painting you know and like, or maybe by discovering new styles and traditions. Perhaps by looking only, or maybe by getting out paints and pens yourself as well. Like so many of these special, named weeks and days whichContinue reading “Across The Globe”

Creative Spectrum

Thinking about creativity and autism, two particular experiences common to autism and neurodiversity stand out: visual learning and special interests. This is World Autism Acceptance Week, following closely on Neurodiversity Celebration Week, an opportunity to explore these themes. Why visual learning? I’ve seen one or two people share how they and many other neurodivergent peopleContinue reading “Creative Spectrum”

Well Spring

The other day I heard someone say how boredom can become a real issue when struggling with mental health issues, and how being interested by nature and seeking out new species can be a help. It made absolute sense I thought. If mental health issues oblige you to take time out, to step back fromContinue reading “Well Spring”


Behind the term “young carers”, there are so many individual stories, lives and everyday experiences. Young Carers Action Day, 16 March 2023, feels like an opportunity to think what might enrich young carers’ lives across their very different situations. We imagine childhood and youth should be carefree, fun, relaxed, even as we remember that growingContinue reading “Carefree”

Another View

Creativity and a feeling of community are central to Medley’s goals, so it’s no wonder that recently hearing of a project called Creative Communities: New Perspectives sparked my imagination. I decided to learn more about one of the lead organizations, Look Again. Mindful photography is the focus of Look Again’s work and growing impact. FoundedContinue reading “Another View”